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Brewing jun kombucha is a craft we take seriously in Ojai California. Each ingredient is hand picked. Every detail is accounted for right down to the music played during fermentation. This is your chance to experience the finest jun kombucha, fresh on tap.

Though Revel is known for its delicious beverages, it also has a strong following of acai enthusiasts. Fresh fruit. Sprouted granola. Mouthwatering drizzles. Fully organic. It is a treat you won't regret!

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Fresh Jun Kombucha on Tap

"I didn't think I liked kombucha, but I love Revel!"

Originating thousands of years ago, jun is an effervescent living health tonic. Though non-alcoholic, the delicate flavor and effervescence has earned jun its reputation as the champagne of kombuchas. We make jun with the finest raw organic honey, organic green tea and our exclusive jun culture. We create unique flavors with fresh fruit and herbs that are grown here in the Ojai Valley whenever possible. You’ll find that Revel's jun has a more delicate taste than kombucha, but equally as powerful.

Revel is proud to offer a seasonal variety of flavors that are always served fresh on tap.

Acai Bowls

Acai is well known for its antioxidant superpowers and great taste. At Revel, we take it even further by adding creative combinations of organic toppings to your refreshing treat. Your body will thank you!

Event Catering

We will help make your next event extraordinary with kombucha on tap, kombucha floats and acai bowls. We make it easy by providing all the necessary equipment. You can even choose to have one or more of our trained boochtenders there to serve your guests throughout the event.

Please scroll down and tell us about your event in the Contact Us form. We will respond promptly with pricing and recommendations.

Jun Kombucha Wholesale

As a business owner, your key to success is providing more value for your customers.  

We are working with a select group of cafes, juice bars, restaurants, health clubs and offices to provide jun kombucha on tap at their establishments.  We pride ourselves on creating a beverage that is so good, even people who don’t think they like kombucha, love Revel. Our high standard for taste, ingredients and product integrity help you provide more value to customers of all ages.  Many of your customers will find jun kombucha to be a healthy addition to their daily routine.

Use the Contact Us form to learn more about our jun kombucha wholesale program to see if it is a good fit for you.

We are currently serving Ventura County, Santa Barbara County and Los Angeles County.

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  • 307 E. Matilija St. Suite C
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    On the backside of the Arcade (across from Serendipity)


  • Everyday 10am - 6pm