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Franchise Opportunities

The Magic of Revel Kombucha Bar

Revel Kombucha Bar is a groundbreaking food and beverage concept centered around kombucha, a beverage whose origins date back thousands of years. While kombucha is growing into a multi-billion dollar industry, it has primarily been enjoyed at home or on the go. Adam and Sonia Gallegos set out to create the best tasting kombucha on the market and serve it within a fun environment.  People were soon lining up out the door to get into Revel. Out of town guests began asking when Revel would be opening up near them. Revel appeals to guests of all ages and stays busy all day.  The menu includes wildly popular acai bowls with a unique selection of hot and cold healthy beverages.  The star of the show is jun kombucha, which often surprises novice and seasoned kombucha drinkers with its smooth, refreshing flavor.  Revel jun kombucha is made with a base of organic honey and organic green tea, which does not have the astringency of typical kombucha made from sugar and black tea.

Kombucha Trends

Kombucha has been consumed for over 2000 years and has a host of purported health benefits. Today Kombucha is the fastest growing functional beverage category, experiencing 30% growth in the natural channel and 50% growth (or more) in the conventional channel year after year. According to MarketWatch the Global Kombucha Market was valued at $0.74 billion in 2016 and is projected to reach $4.76 billion by 2025, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 23% from 2017 to 2025.

Revel Menu

Revel keeps the menu exciting for customers while maintaining an emphasis on operational simplicity.  Jun kombucha options change with the seasons bringing about new flavor combinations. Revel is the first place on the planet to offer probiotic matcha green tea and probiotic cold brew coffee served on tap with thousands of creamy nitrogen bubbles (a.k.a. nitro).  Hot beverages like turmeric tonic and an adaptogenic mushroom based hot cocoa -- warm the mind, body and soul. Customers recharge their bodies with a pint of  jun kombucha, sip colorful tasting flights, treat themselves to acai bowls and enjoy themselves to the fullest.  Loyal customers bring in their Revel growlers for refills on a daily basis. Items on the menu at Revel require little to no preparation and virtually eliminate food waste.  They can be served quickly with a very small staff. There is brilliance in the simplicity!

Our Support

At Revel, we’ve created an enjoyable culture where all team members have real value, are respected and can contribute to a positive guest experience.  Our business is constructed with a franchisee profit-centric motive and designed to vigilantly protect our most valuable assets… our franchisees and their investments. Those profit-centric systems include:

  • Low all-in initial investment
  • National site selection and lease negotiation
  • Contemporary and cool interior design
  • National construction management support
  • Comprehensive 2-week initial training
  • Low food and beverage cost, labor and unit level costs
  • Grand Opening marketing and event planning
  • Traditional and digital internet advertising initiatives
  • Strong social media programming and guidance
  • Innovative and effective marketing initiatives

Perfect Time To Be Your Own Boss

According to FreshBooks, 27 million Americans are expected to leave corporate America for self-employment by the end of 2020. Another report reveals that 62% of Americans want to own a business. Revel Kombucha Bar has proactively engineered an efficient NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED investment with great unit economics. Revel is an ON TREND HEALTHY business with a total investment that starts as low as $235,000.  Our locations are typically 800 - 1500 square feet, yet uncluttered and comfortable.  Our healthy, modern version of the old time soda bars are appropriate for most thriving markets in North America highly accessible to at least 40,000 people. If you are a people person and would like to join one of the most notable, HEALTHY BEVERAGE and ACAI BOWL FRANCHISE concepts in recent memory, we welcome your interest by completing the inquiry form below.  We will be happy to address your initial questions and review available opportunities in your market.

Inquiry Form

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  • 307 E. Matilija St. Suite C
    Ojai, CA 93023

    On the backside of the Arcade (across from Serendipity)


  • Everyday 10am - 6pm